Well you guys, we are off to a new year and it doesn't come without something rising to the surface that you thought you had already dealt with. As I move into this year with many projects up in the air, it forced me to think about what is my place in the world. Last night I had a dream that highlighted an attribute that I have been dealing with all of my life...people pleasing. Today as I recounted the dream and its meaning, I realized that it is easier to accept the fact that I am a flawed being than to endlessly try to correct everything about myself that doesn't fit a standard. To think otherwise is to think that I would have to be perfect and we know that isn't realistic. So I decided that I have spent enough of my life criticizing and adjusting who I am and decided to be who I Am. All of the life events that I have experienced have created the being that I am today. Whether they were good or bad, they have created attributes in me that are also good and bad. I am determined that now, more than ever, I will rest in the fact that I did and am doing the best that I can and that is good enough. That there is beauty in my flaws, and they deserve to be loved and accepted just as much as the other qualities that I have. One of my favorite statements of 2020 made by Mrs. KevOnStage (Melissa Fredericks) is, "I Am Worth It. As Is. Without Change. Without Exception." I am worth it all therefore I'm going after everything, in my as-is state, because I deserve it. Even with my beautiful flaws. Until next time beautiful people. - FLL

Photo credit: Photo by Brett Jordan

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