Have you ever observed the many characteristics of water? It can be as powerful as Tsunami waves and as peaceful as a babbling brook. It can be a resource of food for living beings but it can also be so plentiful that it drowns out food sources. Water can even transform into different states, depending on the elements it is exposed to. So it's no wonder why people use it as a metaphor for life. The condition of water and the manner that water shows up in your dreams has been used to interpret what is happening internally on a subconscious level for as long as I can remember. I often hear people tell others to be like water. To be gentle, or to be peaceful, which wouldn't be a problem except for the fact that, even water isn't like this all the time. I must admit, you may even catch me say it sometimes. lol The difference is that when I use this example, I mean it in a literal sense. I use it thinking that you should keep all of the above examples in mind and then apply them to yourself. I think we get too caught up in the perfection of what something should be, but even mother nature acts up sometimes. Sometimes your emotions are raging like the stormy waves of the sea, and what does water do? It releases its energy and force until it dies down. Sometimes your day may feel peaceful and quiet like a gentle stream and what does water do? It goes with the flow and makes its way around or over anything that is in its path. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed like a polluted body of water, and what does water do? It accepts help from outside resources to help clean it up so it can once again be a healthy environment for marine life. I enjoy using water as a metaphor because it is a beautiful way to see the reality of what life is and could be depending on how you look at it. When your emotions are raging, release them. Go for a run or play a game of basketball, let it out. When you are feeling at peace like a gentle stream, don't rush it. Bask in it, celebrate it, sink into it. When you are feeling overwhelmed like a polluted body of water, start working on cleaning out your mental space and get help to assist you. We all have bad days and good days, it is a part of life. I imagine that even water feels like it stubbed its toe when it hits a rock, but yet it still moves on. Happy New Year! Until next time beautiful people. FLL

Photo credit: Photo by Perchek Industrie

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