Ok finally loving life family, this one is straight from experience. Matter of fact, I can speak on this from this week alone. This week, and depending on how long you have been following my writing I would go as far as to say this season, has been very trying. I have had to pull out all of my resources to stay on top of not only my mental health but my personal motivation in all things. The first thing I did to help with this was to get back into my creative self-expression and this has helped me tremendously. I have created a podcast, revamped my jewelry line, and added apparel and home goods. I even revived this website and added a youtube channel to it. All of these things are activities that keep me sane. They are things that cheer me on to keep going and to never give up. They are the things that make me feel good and bring positivity and joy into my life. They are the things that balance out all the negative stuff that is happening around me so that I have a sense of peace as I watch things play out. They are the things that keep me focused on something positive as I cheer myself on to continue moving forward. I know that what I create helps a lot of people but honestly, I created all of this to help myself. To push me through difficult situations. Anything that I write, post, or create is done through the eyes of someone who needs it first and is posting/sharing it in case there is someone out there like me that is struggling with the same things and needs a push too. Everything that I do is in an "AS IS" state. I haven't arrived at some magnificent goal. When I say join me on this journey, I'm saying that I too am trying to love life in the midst of the ups and downs and this is what I do to get me through it. If you find yourself in this predicament, maybe what I am doing will help you also. At least that was my thinking when I initially started this. I do know this, if you don't learn to cheer yourself on, this life can be disappointing. You have to find something that cheers you on emotionally, mentally, and physically so you can have something positive in your life. For me, it is the creative projects that cheer me on to let me know that there is more to life that can be enjoyed even in the midst of chaos. Yours can be simply saying mantras or affirmations, and/or listing the qualities about yourself that you love, and doing things that support that. If you love your legs, you can do leg exercises that support them staying the way you love them. This will then become an activity that not only will you love, but will look forward to and feel great doing. There are countless ways to cheer yourself on, you just have to find what fits you. Don't wait for others to do this, do it for yourself because that is the main person that counts. Love you guys!

Until next time beautiful people. - FLL

Photo credit: Photo by Daria Shevtsova

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