Hello beautiful people! Are you ready for the holidays? I almost forgot! 2020 is just different all around right?!? I wanted to share some behind the scenes moments from my jewelry line. Here are some of my favorite pictures from one of the locations my friend and photographer shot of my first jewelry line. It was my FAVORITE location. I know you are saying, "But Monica, the pictures are blurry." Crazy how I can see beauty even in the things that don't come out right. I love the FEEL of this picture. It reminds me of how free I felt not only working in my creative gift but also the location itself. Let me set the scene for you. I just flew back to visit my friends in Atlanta after just moving to California. My friend and photographer agreed to shoot my first line and he picked this remote location. When I got there, it was amazing! There was a field of yellow flowers that were growing over train tracks or some kind of leftover metal. There were abandoned train cars that have the perfect rust color. The space was an old building that some of the walls and ceiling were missing and mother nature took over, winding its way across what use to be the flower as it draped and looped itself in and out of old windows, torn down walls, and abandoned train cars.... I had my hair down, which I rarely do, and Beyonce just released her album and it was playing as I positioned the model in the poses I wanted for each shot. It...was...magical.

Do you have a place that you've visited that when you think about it, it feels like you are there? Share in the comments, I would love to hear about your favorite place.

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