Cleansing Your New Space

I just moved into my new space that I will live in until I get my new home or at least my long-term "temp" place. Whew, transitioning...there are levels to it. Soooo, before I fully settle into any place, I always cleanse my space first. Side note: Keep an eye out for my manifestation and clearing kits. I will start selling these sometime this summer. They will include chakra healing and manifestation stones with clearing/cleansing items. Until then, here is a quick way to gather up some items to cleanse your new space or just clear it out weekly or monthly. My go-to item is rosemary. You can also use sage/white sage or Palo Santos as well. I typically only use this for meditation and during prayer times seeing that these items are used by indigenous people for the same purpose. I try to respect its use while also limiting how often I use it myself so I don't purchase it often and when I do, I purchase it from a seller from an indigenous community. These items are becoming hard for this culture to obtain for their cultural use because of over-harvesting and others buying up the products they use for spiritual purposes. If I am cleansing my space, I use rosemary. If I'm cleansing my space and praying over it and the manifestation of something, I burn a little Palo Santos and then a full burn of rosemary. If I have an intense prayer and/or meditation need, then and only then do I burn sage. I usually burn sage OR palo santo and I use very little at a time so it lasts me a long period of time and cuts down my personal consumption of this item. Once I find a local stone store where I can find my kit stones, I will begin selling kits for easy clearing sessions. Until next time beautiful people! -FLL

Photo credit: Eva Elijas

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