So Since I'm leaving with friends and I don't have the space that I'm used to, I decided to create a special space for myself. I wanted to have space that made me feel good as I got dressed for my day so I found this tall mirror that I placed on a bin so it would hang over the mirror. I found a large floor mirror that allows me to see my full outfit, head to toe, which is very important. lol I used the bin for hidden storage and place my laundry basket on top of the bin in front of the lamp. All nicely hidden away but still useful! I placed my most used makeup in a cute basket and placed that on top of a decorative suitcase that holds my jewelry. To finish off the space, I added a large fluffy and comfortable floor pillow that I can sit on as I get ready. I used the space behind the mirror to store other items in my small space like my yoga mat, exercise knee brace, and additional makeup bags. Turns out that I did such a great job, that my doggy nephew thought I was upgrading a lounge space for him and mistook my floor pillow for his new doggy bed. He comes in often and just lays there and looks at himself in the mirror. I swear he's been

here before and he was definitely a pampered attractive male. lol I guess this space is a peaceful space for both of us...just depends on who gets to it first. lol. Until next time beautiful people. - Finally Loving Life

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