Creating Your Personal Meditation Space.

Creating your own sacred space where you can set intentions, pray, and meditate is so needed. It is a time where you can set your intentions for the day then cleanse and reset your mind, body, and soul at the end of your day. For those of you who are interested in creating that space for yourself and you don't know where to start, I've created a starter list for you.

First, you will want to find a space in your home that is quiet but also feels very cozy and/or comfortable. Make sure it has colors or items like fluffy pillows and blankets to give you the feel of security. I tend to gravitate towards warm and feminine colors like dark rose/blush, burnt orange, and velvet silver blues. Also, don't worry if it is a space that has to be used for other activities. The main picture of this post is my personal set up that I keep on my den table and work around it. You can also pull your items out when needed as an alternative.

Next, I believe candles in your space are a must. The light from candles actually feels like it energizes you while the light that they cast creates a warm and comforting atmosphere. Typically I only get the type of candles shown above because they don't have a scent and I can use different colors for color therapy. I use the white as a cleansing candle and I pair it with one other color since I usually burn two at a time. Red when I want to work on making sure my relationships are positive and healthy. Orange or yellow when I want to work on increasing joy and happiness and green when I want to increase the abundance in different areas of my life.

I usually have at least 1 scented candle that I only burn on special occasions when I want the scent of something to compliment my meditation session in place of burning incense. These tend to be a little more pricey but I am a candle junky so I have a TON of candles from different brands that I enjoy. I may do a post on some of them at a later time, but PF Company is among those. Try to find candles that burn well. Soy candles burn really well and last long. Candles with wooden wicks give a great crackling sound that I enjoy. Get scents like sandalwood, lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine, basically scents that have an aromatherapy benefit to them. The Teakwood & Tobacco candle is AMAZING! If you are a fan of sandalwood, I believe that you will enjoy it as well.

Now that you have your comfortable set up with your candles burning; if you would like to incorporate some crystal therapy, gather your crystals of choice to be placed with your candles. As you can see from my personal Sacred setup, I have A LOT of stones. The ones in the small dish aren't used in my meditation but are stones that I have collected over the years that have a significant memory attached to them. The stones on the cloth pouch are the stones that aren't' in use today and the stones lined up on the table in front of the cloth pouch are the stones I focused on today. I will do another post that gets into stones, colors, chakras, and their purpose but I basically have stones that I used to work on my crown, heart, third eye, and root chakra as well as additional stones that target other areas as jade does.

I have been collecting my stones for years but that doesn't mean that you can't get started. It's great to have a really good starter kit that covers your basic needs, I've included a link to the one that I think is a good start. Remember, when you are out and about if you see crystal shops and stone stores, go in and take a look around to see what catches your attention. Most staff will be able to help you with any questions that you need. Also, when you are traveling and you see little trinkets that speak to your heart for reasons only you know, yeah grab those too! You probably can't see it in the picture since I have so much on my alter now, but I have a painted rock, a pen, and other items that have very important meanings to me besides the stones in the small bowl. You want to cultivate a space that is you on the table.

The last thing you need is something to burn as a representation of your clearing, praying, and/or meditating practice. I have different scents for different purposes. I burn Sage to clear/cleanse my space, Palo Santo to set the atmosphere, and incense when I am sending out my intentions.

A lot of these are things you can build on as time goes by. You may just want to start with candles and your favorite stone or burn sage while meditating in your Sacred space. No matter what you desire, a little or a lot, make sure to take the time to pour back into yourself. We spend so much time pouring into our careers, families, friendships, and adulting chores. Putting yourself on the list is just as important! Until next time, be well. FLL

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