Hello beautiful people. I'm back with another DIY idea for your at-home self-care needs! For this one, I went to the queen of home decor, none other than Martha Stewart herself. I've created a room spray with a different recipe that I've used in the past but I wanted to share this one because I was looking to take my room spray to another level and I believe this one does just that. I may leave out the flowers because I'm not sure if there is anything in this to preserve them from getting moldy in the liquid since I don't use room sprays that often, but they look so beautiful so I just may start. If you are a person that likes the visual AND you use room sprays often OR you can make small bottles of it, this will work for you. Either I think that it is still a good room spray recipe with or without the flowers. Click here to get the deets and let me know what you think. Happy spritzing! FLL

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