Ok, we need to talk. I know things have been really crazy and that it seems like there is no end in sight but hear me out, you HAVE to find a way to let it out. A way to release this so you don't hold it in. Our bodies are not equipped to hold so much negative energy. This is why it shows up in other physical and mental ways. Pull friends aside and be honest with them when they ask "How are you doing?" I know you don't want to feel like a burden but trust me, they won't feel that you are. If you have family that you can speak with, even if it is a cousin, talk to them. If you don't' have someone to talk to or just don't feel comfortable doing it, let it out in other ways. You can write it out, it doesn't have to be poetry, just write it out. You can dance, the body just needs to release it. Cry when you need to, scream if you have to, but just don't hold it in. There are Facebook and Instagram groups you can join. My comment section and email are always available and my Instagram and Youtube channel is a resource for positive content if you desire more than what is on this site. (FinallyLovingLifeWellness on Instagram and Finally Loving Life on Youtube) Some of the ways that I release pent up sadness, anxiety and/or anger, besides writing and dancing, are yoga as well as kickboxing. You don't need money, I just look up people I like on Youtube and go from there. You would be amazed at how much pent up "stuff" you can release with a good kickboxing session in the middle of your living room. You may feel like it's not that serious but it is, the mind can only handle so much.

I'll tell you a story. I'm an observer. I usually don't speak much when I first meet people because I like to observe how people interact and what is the overall tone of the environment. Since this is my nature, I also notice a lot of things going on around me as well. One day I was out for a run and there was an older man in the distance. I could faintly hear him but I knew that he was talking but I wasn't sure what he was saying. I didn't see anyone else around so I wasn't sure if he was talking to me. As I got closer his voice got louder and louder until I could hear him clearly say, "I don't care if you leave, go! Leave! But then she...I don't care if you leave, go! Leave! But then she..." You see, he was saying that same phrase over and over again as he walked up the street and pass me. I thought to myself, then she what? What did she do? And more importantly, what did she do that has made you remember that one moment that has now caused you to repeat and re-live it over and over again long after you have left the situation? Then it occurred to me. This was the moment that broke him. This was the moment where the life he lived after this ceased to exist. We all have breaking points. Don't keep sweeping unresolved issues under the carpet thinking that you are fine. Find a way to release it. Don't let this break you. You can make it through this, but you have to give yourself a fighting chance by taking care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Just try out at least one of the things I mentioned above. If nothing else, you will feel lighter and if you keep going eventually a sense of peace will come. That is more than enough to get you through the ups and downs of life. Sending you virtual hugs. Until next time beautiful people. FLL

Photo credit: Photo by Disha Sheta

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