Hi guys, I wanted to share some helpful exercises that I have used to help with knee issues in the past. Of course, you should always consult a doctor first to diagnose your injury and come up with a healing plan. Once you've done that, and you find out that you just need to strengthen the leg muscles that support the knees, you can use some of the exercises that I've listed below.

I started using these exercises when old injuries would flare up when I danced (creative) and/or ran. Building up muscles that support my knees really made a great improvement! Note: I also paired this with other changes such as adjusting my dance and running technique to accommodate my old injuries. I eventually started adding weight training to this as well, but this is a good place to start if you are looking for something you can do now.

I hope this helps you guys out there who are looking for some simple ways to increase the strength and mobility in your legs and knees. Remember to consult a doctor first and for those who are approved to do the exercises, let me know in the comments if it is helping and/or share some exercises with me. Until next time beautiful people! FLL

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