As I'm leaning more into listening to my own gut/spirit, I'm thinking of the time when I first heard someone say that you should never follow the crowd. I mean, we get that in a general sense, right? But after making this most recent move, it really hit home for me. I realized that I have spent the majority of my life following other people's paths. I don't mean literally following their path, but more in the sense of following a path that they suggest or have labeled as their perceived notion of who they think I am and I just picked up the title and started carrying it and cultivating my life to fit it. Yikes, right? But now my own voice is much louder now and I can hear it say, "Well that's not true!" or "Actually, I don't believe that." or even, "You know, I really don't like to do this." It's funny how we can pick things up along the way, even from childhood, that we have long outgrown, or were never really that characteristic but trusted someone else's perception of who we are versus our own. Now, this is not something that is out of the norm. I mean, take a look at society and how it thrives off of you believing that you are never enough and that you never have enough. A large part of our economy is built off the hopes that you will never learn who you really are and realize that you are more than enough. So I say that to say this, don't wait for someone else to steer you in the right direction. Take control of your life and you take the lead and steer yourself. Trust your gut, it's speaking to you for a reason. Until next time beautiful people! - FLL

Photo by James Wheeler

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