Potter's Hands

Today as I was trying to decide whether my body was bikini ready, I realized how much society's views can shape and mold how we view ourselves if we aren’t careful.  Imagine a world where everyone can be who they are, wear what they want, and be considered attractive no matter what their features are. There are people who think that we live in such a place but I challenge you to take another look. Cyberbullying is now the new weapon of judgment against people who aren’t like everyone else. Print ads are being photoshopped to the point where it’s not even the same person anymore! Models are dieting to within an inch of their life so they can sell clothes to a consumer where the mass majority of the people are not that size…what is that all about?  You can’t wear white after Labor Day? You should drive this type of car if you want to be sexy and cool, and drive this one if you want to be identified as ecofriendly. Buy this and it will lift your butt, wear this to suck in your gut! Yikes! As I perused over my outward and inward traits, I realized that I love what I see! So I came up with a new perspective on how to deal with it all. So whenever you feel like you are heading down a rabbit hole, keep these things in mind.

  1. Remember that there will always be people who don’t understand you and that’s ok.

  2. Don’t look at magazines and compare yourself with the women in it, she probably looks just like the rest of us on a regular day without the courtesy of photoshop and a wind machine!

  3. If you took the average model out of the business and told her to just enjoy life, she probably would end up being the same size as you and I. Aim for the healthiest version of you, wear clothing that is your size, and be happy with that.

  4. If you bought it and you want to wear it…wear it, I promise no one will take you to jail.

  5. I drive a car that doesn't have the best gas mileage but it was once my dad's car and I love it! Besides, driving an eco-friendly car doesn’t necessarily make me eco-friendly, caring about the condition of the world does.

It might not line up with what society deems as perfect, but it is still good. I love who I am and what I have become, flaws and all. I am a beautiful creation of the Creator, forever being molded and formed into the greatest version of me. I can’t control how society shapes its views, but I can control how I allow my views to be shaped by society. As I went ahead and threw my bikini in the suitcase, I decided that I will live my life according to what is right for me... with or without society's backing! Now that’s freedom! (FLL 2016)

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