Updated: Jan 13, 2021

So I started getting this weird breakout around my mouth and cheeks due to my mask that I would wear when I worked out. A friend of mine who is an esthetician suggested some facial items and even went as far as to get them for me as a gift! I have used them for about a month now and I am in love with this line...well at least these products. The cleanser is a foaming cleanser, which at first I was hesitant to try because I really dislike foaming cleansers, but my friend insisted and I'm so glad that I listened. It isn't like other foaming cleansers where it is too thin and liquidy, it is a bit thicker and that is probably the reason I like it over other foaming cleansers. Now for the moisturizing cream. It is a nice thick but not too heavy cream, which is important since I have oily skin. If you are looking for some facial products, you should give these a try. I find that a good cleanser and great moisturizer is a great starting point and really helps with a lot of minor skin issues.

Here are a few helpful tips that also help me keep the breakouts at bay:

1. Make sure to cleanse your face thoroughly, especially after any activity that has caused you to sweat.

2. If you are able to, consider investing in a Clarisonic brush. I promise you that it is worth it. I get the most compliments on my skin when I use mine.

3. Make sure to change your mask often. It can collect dirt, sweat, and debris which you are constantly reintroducing to your skin every time you put it on. (For disposable mask users, think about the environment when you throw them away by removing the loops from the main mask before deposal.)

For more information concerning what products do and don't work for your skin type, consider getting a skin analysis from an esthetician if spa services are available to you. Until next time beautiful people! FLL

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