Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I know a lot of people crave to find someone who will show them the way, and those people are out there. But you know what is the simplest way? Listening to your own internal mentor. You come prepackaged with an internal guide...your divine spirit. It will tell you when something is wrong, when something is right, when you are heading down the wrong path and when you are heading in the right direction. The secret is that you have to get quiet and still enough to hear it because it doesn't shout out directives to you. It is a gentle presence that guides you with love and care. So be still, and listen. What is your body/spirit telling you? Now follow its path. #FindingAMentor #Mentoring #FinallyLovingLife

What do you guys think? Do you need an in-person mentor or do you look within?

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