I love this quote! I think the hidden wisdom in it is when you find what you love to do the great work will come from that but it doesn't mean there won't be any difficult moments. I think people believe that if they find their passion, all of a sudden everything will be perfect and will work out exactly how they want them to. Or that they will always want to get up and get to work when this is not true at all. Finding your passion just means that regardless of how hard it gets, or the struggle that you face to make something profitable if that is one of your goals, that your passion and love for what you do will get you through it. You have a choice, go through life's ups and downs for something you don't enjoy or something you do enjoy but either way, you will experience life's ups and downs. So keep looking, don't settle, the answer lies within. As soon as you find it you will know it because you won't care what it cost to experience it, you just know that you want to do it regardless.

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