How do you figure out what is your purpose? Why are you here? What are you supposed to be contributing to the community and society as a whole? How do you find the time to figure all of this out when life seems so busy and demands all of your time and attention? I know, I hear it all the time. The truth is, the answer is within you, and it can only come out and be revealed to you when you take the time to search it out. It’s like losing weight, there are certain things that you just have to do to get it off and keep it off…there’s no getting around it. It’s not something that just falls at your feet, you have to pursue the answer by asking the right questions. With your days being filled with children, spouses, household duties, jobs and to-do lists that get longer than the actual day itself, finding quiet time can be a bit challenging. That is why it is important to utilize every moment when you are alone to your advantage. For instance, when you are in the shower, while driving to work, while brushing your teeth, or even as you drift off to sleep, these are all examples of small amounts of time that can be used as reflective moments. I personally use the time when I’m in the shower and as I drift off to sleep as my personal reflection time. I use the morning to send out my intentions for the day ahead. When I go to sleep I list every positive thing that happened that day and what I’m grateful for. Now, these aren’t monumental amounts of time but instead of thinking about what needs to be done that day, you could think of the things you love to do. Begin researching and looking at different topics and subjects. Sometimes answers come as you expose yourself to new ideas and/or possibilities. Ask the universe to show you what is around you and what is your gift/talent. You will be amazed at how all of a sudden different people will start complimenting you about the same thing or you notice that you are happy during a particular activity. Pay attention to those moments. Every little bit helps and pushes you closer towards living life and living life abundantly. Find time during the day, waiting in the car for pick up, washing dishes, in the shower, or waking up 10 minutes before everyone else. Depending on your life responsibilities, it may take more of a conscious effort than others but it is still possible. Maybe not every day, but some days. You also have to be realistic with yourself and your life. During your set aside time put these two simple questions into the atmosphere. What is my purpose? and What do I enjoy doing?” Take these moments to be quiet and actually seek out what it is that you really enjoy doing and are good at. Request that your purpose is shown to you, that what makes you happy is revealed to you. Now, please keep in mind that your purpose may be to make sure that you share your kind heart with those you come in contact with. Your purpose really can be that simple. This is something that is of great importance because it feeds positivity back into the earth and we need as many kind-hearted people in this world as possible! Purpose doesn't have to be grandiose where you will win the Pulitzer. No, purpose just means that you are doing your share to make the world a better place. You were born with it but you are supposed to die without it. I believe that a lot of people are doing it on some level already! The only thing is you can’t see it as a purpose because you have called it a hobby that you just do on the side. Some of you make the most thoughtful handcrafted cards around the holidays, while some of you volunteer at animal shelters and group homes. There are those of you who love to get groups of people together so you can work out and you are the group leader. Maybe you love to design houses, rebuild old cars, or put a function together for family and friend activities. I found that I was always being asked for my opinion on how someone should handle certain situations or I was approached when someone may have needed an encouraging pep talk. It didn’t hit me that this is what I do naturally and have always done until one day a friend of mine said, “Monica, you really should become a life coach!” Now she said this often but on this particular day, I actually heard her because it was around the time that I started asking questions about my purpose. I started working on a way to give back to my community by working within my purpose. I must say this is when I am in my happiest state! Take a closer look at what you truly enjoy doing and your purpose lies within that activity. Whatever you love to do, there is someone that would like you to do it for them. That is your contribution to the community…to help those who are unable to do what you do, with ease! A friend once told me that little thoughts and ideas can bring about a big change! She’s right, everything started out as a thought first, so get to thinking! Until next time beautiful people! FLL

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