Do you ever wonder what is the difference between a person who lives’ the dream versus the person who dreams of living? It is determination, persistence, endurance, and patience. I’m not saying that the person who dreams of living doesn't possess any of these qualities, but to shift your life from ordinary to extraordinary, it takes all of these qualities.  It takes determination to change the way you think so that it doesn't leave room for doubt. Tell yourself that this is what I want and how I want it, and then figure out how to get it. It takes persistence; you will have to pursue it on a daily basis. Do something each day, no matter how big or small that pushes you a step closer to your desired goal in life. Start observing yourself. Yes, observe yourself! How you talk, think, act, even who you surround yourself with and what social activities you partake in. Do they match the level you desire or produce positive results in the right direction? You don’t have to go join a country club, but when you visualize your dream life, are you hanging out in the same places or with the same people you are now?  If the answer is no, then start making some changes. A step toward your dreams is not always what you do, but can also be who and what you let go of! Here’s a hard one, this is the difference between someone making it and someone giving up on it…endurance! Endurance is a hard thing because it means to keep going and never give up, no matter what it looks like. Lack of endurance is what has killed many relationships, marriages, businesses, and the list goes on. Exercising endurance means that you are in a place in your life where all bets are off and you are willing to do what it takes for the long haul. Some things in life are continuous, where you are forever moving, growing, and transitioning from one level to the next. Finally, there‘s patience. Patience is what you need when you are determined, persistent, and are enduring through a situation. Patience keeps you from making drastic and emotional decisions that can abort the dream. Patience is what you need when plan A – plan C hasn't worked, yet you are still motivated to come up with a plan D. If you want to stop being the person that dreams of living and become the person that is living the dream, determine what it would take to achieve it, observe it, count up the cost, then make an unwavering decision and do it. No counterfeit versions allowed! Please always keep in mind that your dream may not be the same as others' dreams. Never try to compare your life with others or duplicate someone else's life. Go deep within to discover what would make you happy and therefore creating the life of YOUR dreams. Do you have what it takes? I assure you that you do…but when will YOU realize it?

What are you doing to accomplish your dreams?  Comment down below to let me know what you are doing to accomplish your dreams.

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