Updated: Dec 27, 2020

There is a scripture that says, "As a man thinketh, so is he." It has been used in numerous religious and non-religious environments. I have heard it used in the Bible as well as The Secret. No matter where you have or haven't heard it or if you are religious, non-religious, or spiritual, it has a powerful lesson embedded in it. Such simple words that hold so much power! You truly are what you believe or what you think. The mind is a powerful thing that can work in your favor or against you. It depends on what you feed it. (books, tv, quiet time, gossip, etc.) It's like a plant, if you feed it plant food, water, fresh air here and there, and the proper amount of light, it will grow into something beautiful. If you neglect it and restrict its access to the above it will die, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. Your mind is the same way. If you give yourself mental breaks for a moment of quiet time, or pat yourself on the back when you do well, and constantly expose yourself mentally to positive influences, you will feel light. But if you constantly submit yourself to a negative atmosphere and/or dialogue...even internally, you will begin to feel heavy because it will become your reality. Have you ever noticed how you can get a car and you never saw that model or color until you got it and now that you have it you see it all the time? You mentally started seeing it because it is this new positive thing that you are enjoying and now your brain starts showing you more of it. Those cars models and colors have been around you all the time, you just didn't notice. When something doesn't affect us or it's not a part of our world, we don't see/notice it. This is why you have to watch your internal dialogue. If you start speaking to yourself in a negative manner, you will start noticing all of the mistakes you make. It's the same way that if you always make it a point to acknowledge when you accomplished something or did really well with something, you will start noticing other things you do well. Understand, both are present at the same time. You can notice great things about yourself while still making mistakes. Since you aren't dwelling on the mistakes, they won't hold as much "weight" mentally. You can also have bad internal dialogue and only see the bad that you've done while also doing good and positive things. A funky mood will drown out all things positive every time. So watch how you speak to yourself. If you say anything long enough, you will start to believe it. Good or bad. Until next time beautiful people! -FLL

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