Isolation Can Be Healthy

At the beginning of the pandemic, I struggled. I'm naturally a very social person who likes mini-breaks to reset but when the pandemic gave us unlimited time in isolation, I found it hard to adjust at first. After going through the motions, I eventually found my groove and started to really enjoy my personal company. I started experimenting with recipes, designing new jewelry, and even started a social distance podcast with a friend called Living Creatively. I decided that I was going to take the beauty of isolation and allow it to work in my favor once the S.I.P was lifted. I saw the benefits of seeking out an isolated space BEFORE I needed it as a form of resetting from being burned out from social interactions. Give it a try. It doesn't have to be long periods of time. I've had times when I just went on the back deck for 5 minutes to take a few deep breaths, get some air, and feel the sunshine on my face. Whatever you do, try to get a few minutes to yourself, if for nothing else but to feel YOU again. Until next time beautiful people! -FLL

Photo by Luiz Fernando

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