Keep Going

So today I was looking through some pictures and there was one that really caught my eye. I had taken this picture after my morning workout and was lounging around the house in my PJs. In this picture, I notice how round my face has gotten. Yes, the weight gain from this past year has really got me. But here is the thing. I work out, I eat a pescatarian diet, take my vitamins, I could do better on the water but I get some in and yet I have ballooned up. Although I think it is a cute picture it reminds me of the changes the last year has brought and the stress that tagged along with it. See I work out 4 times a week where I run and walk 1.8 miles per day. I don't eat a lot of junk food either. So to see myself gaining weight in spite of all of this has been alarming to me. Oh yeah, did I say that I have a 49th birthday coming up next month? So yeah, add that to the plate. The reality of aging hits you like a brick sometimes. I remember I could do a fraction of what I'm doing and be in pretty good shape. I guess those days are gone now because aging hormones and a sluggish metabolism are giving me a run for my money and these heifers are strong and putting up a good fight! So I decided that since I can't change my age, hormones, or metabolism, that I would need to change my mindset. Instead of continuing with the workout mentality which I associate with a fit body, I needed to change that to a healthy living mindset. This is so I can continue to do what I know is good for my body, regardless of the physical results I'm getting or not getting. (side-eye to perimenopause) I know that drinking my water, eating the lifestyle diet I choose, and getting my body moving is still providing my body with the things that it needs, even if I can't see it. Isn't that just like life though? Sometimes you have to do things knowing that it is the right thing to do, even if you can't see the visible results of your efforts. Keep going! Until next time beautiful people. -FLL

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