Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to share this self-care/home care tip that I love doing around my home. If you are someone who:

  1. Hates a dry atmosphere in your home and would like more moisture without having to run a humidifier.

  2. Loves having different scents in your home as a mood enhancer.

This is perfect for you! I love taking cute decorative bowls and filling them up with water. I then add a few drops of my favorite essential oil and place them in areas around my home. I put a bowl with a lavender and eucalyptus blend beside my bed to help with relaxation and any type of congestion. I put a bowl with sandalwood and tangerine on the coffee table in my living space for a lovely uplifting blend. Lastly, I put a bowl with lavender in it for a relaxing scent to enjoy as I cook and/or clean in the kitchen. These are just a few simple examples to give you ideas of where you can put your bowls and how placement and essential oil type paired together can affect your atmosphere. Let me know in the comments section if you try it and what essential oils you used. Until next time beautiful people. FLL

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