I am learning a lot during this pandemic. One of the things that I have learned is something that I, and everyone else, already knew and that is never put all of your eggs into one basket. The day I found out that my position was being eliminated it wasn't that I was worried about how I would take care of myself, but more of how did I allow myself to get into a position where my well being was completely dependent on one company? I mean yes I do have savings, but I also possess way too many skills to have all of them designated towards one place. Especially when none of them were being used to bring about more of an independent increase for my personal benefit. At that moment I decided to make sure that I practice what I preached....multiple money streams. I have said this for so long, for so many years but didn't realize that I was allowing my money streams to dry up while I continuously poured myself into someone else's stream to create a lake for them. It is always good to have multiple money streams so that if one or more slow down or dry up, you have other sources of income coming in that you can pull from. One of the things I decided to really get into was investing. I dabbled here and there but never put my full attention into it because, well, I was busy building the companies I was working for. I started a 4-week course on the beginning basics of long term and short term investments and I must admit, I am really enjoying it! I mean to the point where I can really see being active in buying and trading my personal stocks in the future. It's kind of fun once you get an understanding of how it all works. As long as you are working with monies that you can afford to lose as a worst-case scenario, it allows you to make decisions using wisdom versus operating from a place of greed or desperation. Start slow, be patient, and move with purpose on your behalf. That's what I am doing from this point forward.

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