Ahhh, youth! You couldn't tell me anything...can you tell? I was fortunate to grow up with a mother who believed in getting me in as many activities as possible. Sometimes to a fault...I still haven't gotten over not being able to watch cartoons on Saturday morning like other kids. Probably why I love cartoons so much now as an adult. lol

As a child, I did everything that my adventurous self enjoys now. I learned how to kayak, enjoyed hiking, and got my first taste of rock climbing and repelling. My mom was a little crunchy granola so my camps weren't the traditional kind. But here I am in all of my bohemian crunchy granola glory. lol

I now make it a point to experience whatever adventurous activity that place is known for. Ziplining is my favorite at the moment. I literally look for a good zip line wherever I travel to. I have been more than a handful of times and always enjoy it.

Do I have any fellow adventurous spirits out there? Let me know what you like to do in the comments, I would love to hear from you and maybe even get some ideas! Until next time beautiful people! FLL

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