My Top 5 Wellness Products

Hello Finally Loving Life fam! As I was packing my stuff before my big move, I was able to take account of all the things I considered really important and wanted to make sure that not only did I pack it, but I also continued to use the item. In doing this, I was reminded of the products that are my MUST haves and I have to make sure that I always have them in my Wellness cabinet! Listed below are my TOP 5 WELLNESS PRODUCTS.


I know, I know! Not what you were thinking but there is a reason this is used for emergencies in hospitals to treat poisonings. I KEEP a bottle of this in my wellness cabinet. If you have ever had food poisoning, you know it is the worse. I take this any time I feel like I may have digested something bad or may have a stomach bug. No more suffering through the process as your stomach tries to recover. Now you can offer it some assistance. Trust me on this, you want this in your cabinet. You can thank me later. (Read directions for use and medicine interferences)


This is my FAVORITE! As I've gotten older, I have started having a hard time falling asleep AND staying asleep. This is due to a variety of influences, from hot flashes to transitional life experiences. This magnesium supplement helps with sleep issues as well as anxiety, hence the name. I take this 30 mins before I'm ready to go to bed and it sets me up for a peaceful rest. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Speaking of age... So yeah, ALL of my previous dancing injuries plus injuries from a past car crash have flared up as I age and you know what helps? This guy right here. You know how you can take vitamins and such and can't tell if it's working or not? That you're kind of taking it with blind faith? Well not this one! I can literally tell when I have slipped out of the habit of taking it and my joint pain will return. My knee pain was so bad that I could barely get up the stairs. My elbows pain was so bad that I couldn't carry a full grocery bag. Yeah, it was that bad. When I started taking this, it improved my joint pain tremendously! I can now jog up the stairs, do deep squats, and carry multiple bags in each hand as well as lift weights. I know that different people get varying results, but if you suffer from joint pain, this is one I would recommend that you should try.


I am late to the game concerning elderberry. I know many of you may already know about this little gem, but for those who don't, allow me to introduce you to the immune-boosting, homeopathic version of cold and flu medicine...Black Elderberry. Everyone seems to have a preference in the form they take. This right here is mine. It is a pill that you let dissolve in your mouth at the first sign of a cold. For me, it is my answer to staying healthy in a more natural way. Maybe this is something you would like as well, so I'm going to leave this right here for you.


This is my favorite, sometimes hard to find, green tea. It has the BEST flavor and is one of the few teas that I can drink as is, without adding anything to it. Plus, talk about an immune booster. If I'm feeling any sign of a cold coming on, I can drink a cup of this and it gets me back to where I need to be health-wise.

There you have it! These are my top 5 wellness products. Let me know in the comments if you use any of these and what do you think. Also, share some of your must-have products. We love a good share within the community! Until next time beautiful people. - Finally Loving Life

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