Have you ever wish that you could see the positive side of things more than you see the negative side of things? No...ok, I'm not talking to you so move aside so I can talk to the person behind you. You, yes you. What about you? I kid, I kid. Just joking around before we dive deep because this is something that I feel people have grown accustomed to. I mean, we even complain about people who complain. Sheesh! It seems like our world is built so that you are never satisfied. Don't like your hair, try this. Don't like your body, do this. Don't like your clothes, buy this. It is a never-ending parade of negativity where society is telling us how we need more because what we have or who we are isn't enough. It's no wonder why we slip down the rabbit hole of always complaining about everything. Have you noticed how you can have great service, a great experience, or really love something you buy but you never go back and give a "review" or "opinion" unless it is a negative or bad experience? Why is that? I believe it is because we are programmed to mimick whatever we see more of, or at least notice more. Think of a baby. It learns how to walk, talk, when it is time to go to bed, good food to eat, bad behavior, and good behavior, all by observation, listening, and learning from others. It's also the reason why if you use profanity you have to be careful not to use it around them because they will pick that up too. I guess some people find it funny when a toddler curses, but you know what isn't funny, life when it curses. That's what I think all of the negative things that are paraded around in front of us are. Whether it is on tv, in magazines, in one on one experiences, all of that and more. Negative garbage is like life cursing at you. So are you going to pick it up or are you going to be more mindful and start taking in the part of life that isn't cursing at you? The part of life that you are grateful for, the part that gives you peace, the part that makes you laugh, or the part that leaves you in awe. Sometimes it is best to focus on what is going right, and feeling right than to focus on what isn't going right and isn't feeling right. It doesn't mean that it isn't happening it just means that you aren't giving all of your attention to it. They both can coexist but usually, you will give one more attention than the other. When negative things happen in your life ask yourself if there is something you can learn from it or use to correct the situation? Does this negative thing highlight other options that you may not have noticed and can act on? If it is out of your control, then there is no reason to focus on it. Your answer hasn't presented itself yet. Wait patiently, it will in due time. If negative things occur that make you feel negative towards yourself, ask yourself the same questions. Are there things that you can do better to provide yourself with self-love and care so you feel good about yourself? If so, then do it. If not, then let it go. Sometimes shifting your mindset to see "what is" versus "what isn't" may be the major thing that can change your life and how you view it. It won't solve all your problems, but it will give you a sense of peace while you're figuring it out. Until next time beautiful people. FLL

Photo credit: Photo by Daria Sannikova

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