Shout out to that one time I wanted to try something different! This was a time when I needed a getaway soooo bad and I went to visit my friends in Atlanta. One of my friends told me about this guy who she saw on Instagram and she wanted to try him out. I was down because I'm always down for a good stretch, so off we went to see Jordan. Sorry guys, I don't know his last name, but I did attach his Instagram down below so you can find him.

This video is literally just the tip of the iceberg. We started off with a stretch session that was around 35 to 45 minutes. This is where he stretches you himself. I know what you're thinking, but NO, it's nothing like Thai massage. Think, a deeper stretch with targeted intention. After that, he did around 15 minutes of what I believe he calls Acro Fascial Release which is what you see in this video. Listen, if you are in the Atlanta area you should definitely consider giving him a call. I believe his information is in the bio of his Instagram page which I will insert here. PLUS, I know he travels to people if you are in an area where multiple people made appointments with him or you can make arrangements with him for private sessions. Note: The cost of service increases according to the type of session you are requesting. Jordan is a really great communicator and professional! Whatever you need in a session, he will be able to discuss how and what it will take to get it. I really enjoyed this and I can't wait to do it again!

What are you guys doing to keep your body stretched out?

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