I was going through my old travel pictures this week. I tell you, one thing this year has taught me is to enjoy the present moment so you can enjoy the memories you created. This trip to Costa Rica was the first time that I let go and enjoyed the moment. I am a planner. I mean to a fault. I use to plan trips down to a full itinerary. My friends loved it since everything was planned for them but, I was always going from one moment to the next instead of sitting IN the moment and letting it lead to the next. This was the trip that I went on with a friend and we didn't plan anything. Not where we would go, eat, nothing. Now usually this would drive me crazy but this time I needed a period of time that required me to learn the art of doing nothing. Because of this, I was able to enjoy the best trip ever. We were able to meet people that took us places that we would have never know about nor would have been able to preplan all that was experienced. It literally was a go with the flow kind of trip. One part of the day we would be lounging on the beaches of Costa Rica and by nightfall, we were exploring the city and enjoying all of the great food it had to offer. From countryside hikes to ziplining through the jungles. Visiting museums and touring the volcanos. Vegetarian food as far as the eye could see. This was truly one for the books!

Costa Rica owes me nothing and I can't wait to get back to traveling again when it is safer. Till next time beautiful people! FLL

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