Veggie Hoagie Prep

Alright everyone, for those of you who loved the Vegetarian Hoagie recipe, here is the prep work you can do that I was referring to. A lot of this requires you to take the time to cut up everything you need and put it in the freezer.

Make sure you use large portabella mushrooms so you can cut them into thick strips to give your sandwich a meaty texture. In the recipe, I mentioned I used vegetarian deli non-meat but if you don't want to, the large strips of mushrooms will be enough to give some substance to the sandwich.

Next, you want to cut up all the veggies you want to grill for the sandwich. I like bell peppers, onions, and spinach with mine. (Deli meat doesn't get added to the frozen pack. Add that when you are getting ready to cook your hoagie sandwiches. Refer to the recipe)

The last thing you want to do is split this up into smaller portions and place it in freezer bags. I split mine in half because I know that I will eat around 3 sandwiches over the period of a week but 6 sandwiches would be too much and probably go to waste. This allows me to eat what I need and keep the rest stored in the freezer.

I hope this was helpful! Have a great week everyone. FLL

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