Picture this.

Scenario 1: You have a glass half-filled with murky water and someone comes and pours more murky water into your glass.

Scenario 2: You have a glass half-filled with murky water and someone comes and pours clear fresh water into the glass. The water not only stays murky as the fresh clean water is poured in, but also as it overflows, the murky water pours out onto other surfaces.

Scenario 3: You take the time to dump out the murky water, clean the glass, and then pour clear fresh water into it.

Which scenario do you see yourself in?

No matter where you start, if your desire is to have fresh new things happen in your life, you have to be aware of what you are feeding yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. What you feed yourself will determine what will grow in you. Even if you feed yourself something good and positive, you still have internal work that needs to be done and addressed. Take the time to remove/deal with any of the murky things in your life. If you don't, eventually it will contaminate it and alter it from its original state/intention. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience. No need for all of us to learn the hard way. I'm telling you, it's hard to expect new results when you fill up a glass with clean water, but it still has murky water in it. Not only is it hard, but it's also heartbreaking. So go ahead and do the hard work on the front end, you'll be glad that you did. Until next time beautiful people! FLL

Photo credit: Photo by Nadi Lindsay

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