What is Finally Loving Life?: Creating a Sacred Space

I created the Finally Loving Life wellness brand one day in 2009 after what felt like being caught in a repeated process. I just couldn't seem to get out of this repetitive loop. Soon I realized that life is filled with ups and downs and that you will never stop learning and growing. That this life is created to always challenge you, teach you, and continuously have you transition from one level to the next. I also realized that I could no longer attach my personal peace and joy to being able to "accomplish" or "reach" a certain level because I would always be disappointed, and up to that point, I was very disappointed with life. Although I had a life that appeared to be very enjoyable looking from the outside in, I knew that I wasn't happy, and I didn't want to live a life that constantly needed me to jump from one adventurous high to another. Life is filled with all kinds of moments. From highly adventurous to boring and mundane, and everything in between. It was time for me to learn how to love everything about life regardless of what it handed me. I decided to build a Sacred Space where people who were like me had a positive place to go that offered encouragement, laughter, wisdom, and life tools. Learning how to love life regardless of what it throws at us is our mission, creating this Sacred Space for like-minded people is my purpose.

- Finally Loving Life

Photo by Natasha Fernandez

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