What's For Dinner?

Winter is here and it's time for some good old comfort food eating. It has been a struggle trying to find a variety of recipes that are not only vegetarian but also filling. I don't like being hungry every 2 hours. Besides, being from the south, delicious comfort food is what got you through the winter. After a lot of searching, I found some recipes that not only look good, are vegetarian, but they are also filling! I tried a few, my favorite so far is the Mushroom soup. I will post my thoughts on it and how it came out after I tweak it a bit. I may add some more vegetables to it, but it is delicious in its as-is state. Click here to try a few out. Do you have any recipes that you would like to see me cook to let you know how they turn out? Comment down below to make suggestions or share your favorite recipes and vegetarian websites.

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