What To Do During Moments When You Are Struggling.

I'm struggling...not all the time, it's gotten better as time moves on but still...I'm struggling. I'm battling between two different mindsets and both of them believe they have the right to hold space in my mind. On one hand, my old mindset says to go back to things as usual but the old doesn't even exist anymore so how is that even possible? My new mindset swells up to point out that this is exactly the reason why it must change...but to what? Things are so out of balance and discombobulated that you can't even determine what is real, true, trustworthy, or not. What is here today will it remain tomorrow and all days moving forward? I'm struggling. Struggling between being the same versus reaching past the moon and stars for what may be my new place of abundance. The old needs confirmation of this new truth before getting on board and the new says that in order to achieve the new it must be done blindly, creating a path where there isn't one. So for right now, I stand at the crossroads of staying the same or making a change. What I do know is that no matter which one I choose, it will have to be done without guarantee of what that choice will look like in this "new" world that is being created around us. Today I will honor this space by giving my fears a voice to be presented, heard, and considered while acknowledging that my spirit desires to feel more, be more, experience more. I will continue to seek the answers that will allow me to live a life of balance where I can heal from my past while reaching for my future. Candles lit, sage burning, me transitioning...breath

What do you do when you are struggling? Share some of your tips in the comments. It just may be the help someone needs. #BuildingACommunity #FinallyLovingLife

Photo by Jusdevoyage Lyly

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