I'm sure at this point you see a common theme of my adoration for dandelions! I don't know when this started but I fell in love with them and have been in love with them for years. The humble weed that looks like a puffed flower, in my opinion, has meaning to me. (I'm going to call it a flower.) It represents hope, wishes, dreams, magical places, being in touch with the child within that still sees the positive in things, and it simply is a whimsical flower to me. I'm not sure if it is a phase for the moment...it has been a long moment if it is, but for now, in this period of my life it makes me feel connected to all the greatness that is and could be.

(Links to products I make for purchase included on this post.-FLL)

My MAKE A WISH t-shirt design that you can find on my site here.

I love this dress! If anyone knows where I can find some fabric like this AND a dress pattern for a maxi dress, please leave it in the comments. I know it wouldn't be this nice since this is Valentino, but I would LOVE to recreate this!

One of the mugs I designed. You can find it here.

This is the wall in my house. lol I told you I love Dandelions!

The MAKE A WISH design in a sweatshirt style for those winter months! You can find it here.

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